Construction Management Services

  1. Construction Methodology & Planning of Field activities
  2. Providing Man Power For Construction Supervision as per requirement
  3. Coordinating & Organizing Site Review Meeting with Contractors
  4. Assistance in scheduling the Construction activity matching with Project Schedule and resource planning to achieve the timely targeted progress
  5. Review of Contractors Construction Plan and the resource deployment
  6. Verification and confirmation of the Contractors resources for adequacy and efficiency
  7. Undertaking the Third party Quality control checks for the works at site.
  8. Site Inspection and Quality assurance services.
  9. Safety & Statutory Compliance support
  10. Verification, and checking Contractor’s bills and claims with respect to contract provisions and advising the client incase of deviations.
  11. Technical assistance for site modifications, and rectifications.
  12. Progress monitoring and periodical review and generation of Monthly Progress Report to submit to the external agencies & authorities.
  13. Assistance in Start-up & Commissioning
  14. Assistance in Site performance tests