Operation and Maintenance Services

  1. Provide all Operation and Maintenance services necessary for Efficient & Trouble free Operation and Maintenance of the plant thus to meet the Owners Annual Operating Plan.
  2. Assisting the Owner during Construction for Equipment & System adequacy, Quality, Workmanship, and adequacy of all Erection & Commissioning protocols required for O&M Services.
  3. Assisting the Owner during the erection ,testing and pre commissioning tests of the plant and equipment with respect to such matters as mobilization , training , consulting and liaising with Contractors , hiring of personnel , establishing the commissioning and O&M procedures .
  4. Assisting the Owner for Preparation of O & M budget.
  5. Provide annual, monthly report on scheduled and unscheduled outage and plant performance.
  6. Suggest and carry out improvement plans for better performance of plant.
  7. Facilitate instruction sheet, safety procedures, including response plans for emergency situations for reliable Operation , Maintenance and Administration .
  8. Implementation of Modern Maintenance Practices and inventory control of spares , goods and consumables for higher reliability & optimum budget.
  9. Assist the Owner in claiming the insurance under fire and other perils policy , breakdown policy or any other insurance policy by maintaining the necessary records as required for insurance claims
  10. Handling, loading, unloading and storage of Fuels, Materials, Consumables of the Plant.
  11. Coordination with the Statutory authorities such as IBR, Electrical and State Electricity Board etc at the time of renewals